Pierce Brosnan is the best, and always will be the best James Bond of my generation. I think he is only second best to Sean Connery. Daniel Craig is okay, but doesn't have the really slick, cool guy attitude that both Brosnan and Connery mastered. » 2/27/15 11:17am Friday 11:17am

I will admit that I parked in back area of the cross section a few times with my sport bike. People get pissed when a motorcycle takes up a whole space in a full parking lot and people get pissed when a motorcycle uses it's size to take advantage of extra space in parking lots, so in a way, motorcyclists cannot win. » 2/16/15 4:49pm 2/16/15 4:49pm

The first was a 1991 Isuzu Trooper that required you to stop, shift into neutral, and shift the transfer case into either 4HI or 4LO. To disengage, you had to stop, shift into neutral, pull the t-case back to 2HI, and then back up for about 20-30 feet to release the front hubs.

» 2/10/15 2:09pm 2/10/15 2:09pm